User Cards and Rank
Welcome to the Futnet User Cards & Rank tutorial! In this guide, you'll learn how to obtain your own personalized player card and showcase your accomplishments in the game. Let's dive in and get started!

1. Player Cards:

Every Futnet user has the opportunity to acquire their unique player card. This card serves as a digital trophy case, allowing you to display your achievements within the game.

2. Achievement Rewards:

Futnet releases player cards as rewards for various achievements. Currently, there are several achievements you can earn:

- Month Rank: This achievement is determined by the number of likes you receive in the previous month. You can earn a gold, silver, or bronze rank. Rewards for the month rank are distributed on the first Monday of each month. These rewards include Futnet points and a random player card from that month. Achieving a higher rank increases your chances of receiving a valuable card.

- Week Rank: Similar to the month rank, the week rank is based on the number of likes you accumulate in the previous week. You can earn a gold, silver, or bronze rank, and rewards are distributed on Mondays.

- Post of the Day: Each day, the most popular post receives the "Post of the Day" title. Not only does this achievement showcase your post's popularity and earn you recognition within the community, but it also comes with a special reward - a user card. The user card awarded for the Post of the Day is a unique card that represents your exceptional post and serves as a testament to your creativity and engagement in the game.

Remember, all the posts of the day can be found on the tags tab and are tagged with #daily_post. So keep sharing your best content, and you might just earn the prestigious title of Post of the Day along with a special user card.

3. Rewards and Badges:

When you earn these achievement rewards, you'll not only receive Futnet points and a random player card but also a badge that showcases your accomplishments. This badge will be displayed on your avatar, letting others know about your achievements in the game.

4. Ranks and Standings:

Futnet provides a comprehensive standing list in the app where you can check all the ranks in different categories, including monthly, weekly, and all-time rankings. This list can be accessed on the search page, allowing you to see how you compare to other players in terms of likes and popularity.

- Colourful Rank Triangles: The monthly and weekly standings feature small colorful triangles (gold, silver, and bronze) on avatars, indicating the current rank a user holds in the respective lists. These triangles represent the rank the user would have if the rewards were released at that moment.

- Filtering by Nation and Club: The standing list also offers a filtering feature, enabling you to easily find the best users from the same nation or supporters of the same club. This allows for friendly competition and encourages camaraderie among users.

5. Additional Ranking Lists and Promos:

The app occasionally releases special promotions, such as the Summer Festival. These promotions may come with additional ranking lists and rewards, giving you even more opportunities to showcase your skills and earn recognition within the game.

That concludes our User Cards tutorial. Now, go out there and make your mark in the game! Earn those achievements, climb the ranks, and build up your digital trophy case. Keep an eye out for special promos and don't forget to check the standing list to see where you stand among the Futnet community. Have fun and enjoy the excitement of competition!

Certainly! Here's an additional topic about likes in the tutorial:

6. Likes and Community Integrity:

Likes play a crucial role in the Futnet community, and it's important to maintain their integrity and value. Here are some key points to understand about likes:

- Total Likes Counter: Each user has a total likes counter, which can be found on the profile tab. This counter displays the overall number of likes the user has received for their posts, comments, squads, and user cards.

- Exclusion of Self-Likes: The total likes counter does not include likes given by the user to their own content. This ensures an accurate representation of the appreciation received from other community members.

- Updated Likes Count: Although the likes counter may be cached for performance reasons, it is regularly updated to reflect the true number of likes received. This update occurs at least a few times per day, ensuring that users receive credit for their engagement.

- Decrease in Likes: In some cases, users may notice a decrease in their total likes counter. This can happen when someone deletes their account, leading to the removal of all the likes they had given. This ensures that the likes count remains accurate and reflects the genuine appreciation from active users.

- Maintaining Fairness: Likes are meant to signify genuine appreciation for quality posts, squads, and user cards. Creating fake accounts or engaging in inappropriate behavior to artificially boost likes is strictly prohibited. Any likes obtained through such means will be deleted, and users involved may face temporary likes block or even account suspension. Fair likes ratings contribute to a better community experience and aid in providing accurate post recommendation lists to engage users effectively.

By understanding and respecting the value of likes, we can foster a more vibrant and supportive community within Futnet. Appreciate the genuine likes you receive, engage with quality content, and contribute to the positive atmosphere of the game.

That wraps up our tutorial on likes in Futnet. Enjoy the game and use likes as a way to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of fellow community members!

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