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Unleash your creativity as a content creator and produce the most captivating FUT content imaginable. With our app, you have the power to utilize any player's cards, squads, and a myriad of other FUT assets, allowing you to craft engaging and unique experiences for your audience.

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Discover the finest players effortlessly. Set up customized filters to find the perfect additions to your squad or fulfill squad building challenges with ease. Download now and unlock the ultimate player-finding experience.

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Explore player details seamlessly. View attributes, costs, and discuss cards with the community or chat directly with friends. Download now for an immersive player card experience.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest FUT content. Scroll through the feed to discover new creations from your friends and the FUT community. Download now and never miss out on exciting content again.


Your new FUT companion! Content Creator. Squad Builder. Player Prices.
Instant Card Updates
New cards come to the app as soon as FUT 23 releases them.
The app comes free with all the features
Actual players price
Frequent price updates will help you trade on the market.
Squad Builder
You can build squads with any cards/formations available in FUT.
Find new FUT content from your friends and community
FUT Content Creator
Create best FUT content. Use any player's cards, squads and other FUT assets.
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